Friends don’t let friends study Psychology

In this video I encourage people considering pursuing an education in Psychology at any formal level – bachelors, research Masters/PhD, or Clinical Masters/PhD – to research and reconsider what they are considering.

My relevant experience includes having an Hon. B.Sc. in Psychology Research and Cognitive Science, having been an MS/PhD student in Cognitive Psychology, having looked into the job market stats, and now working in a parallel healthcare field, Occupational Therapy.


5 thoughts on “Friends don’t let friends study Psychology

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  3. Hey Buddy, it was such a cool video, so informative. I was thinking of a Psy. degree but watching your video has given me more reasons for me to think deeply and understand better before i take any decision, rather then keeping my eyes closed and going. Thanks.

  4. This is a great video and so true. I have a psychology BSC and almost made a mistake in doing a PHD in that subject (In experimental psychology no less. I was accepted to the parapsychology PHD at the university of edinburgh. It’s pretty much research psychology) Your video helped me choose a different path while I still had the chance.

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