Friends don’t let friends study Psychology

In this video I encourage people considering pursuing an education in Psychology at any formal level – bachelors, research Masters/PhD, or Clinical Masters/PhD – to research and reconsider what they are considering.

My relevant experience includes having an Hon. B.Sc. in Psychology Research and Cognitive Science, having been an MS/PhD student in Cognitive Psychology, having looked into the job market stats, and now working in a parallel healthcare field, Occupational Therapy.


University of Western Ontario #1 on Globe & Mail Student Survey

London Free Press:

For the ninth consecutive year, the University of Western Ontario has made top grades in a survey of students across the country.

Western scored top marks in several of the benchmarks, including “most satisfied students” in the annual survey by the Globe and Mail and was the top university in 13 of 17 categories.

The survey results are based on the questionnaires completed by 35,000 undergraduate students. The students were asked 100 questions.

Western ranked first among large universities (more than 22,000 students) in quality of education, teaching, student-faculty interaction, technology, atmosphere, libraries, buildings and facilities, student residences, food services, recreation and athletics, ease of course registration and course availability and variety.

UWO also tied for second in two areas (career preparation and class size) and third in two (satisfaction with town or city and environmental commitment.)

Not a big deal 😉