Well hello, there! Have you been waiting long? No? Good. Please, do come inside.
(Pro-Tip: Given that this is the blog of a Canadian, social etiquette dictates that you remove your shoes upon entering.)
Welcome to Death By Trolley! You’ve entered an oddly though explicably named corner of the Internet devoted to issues pertaining to what is (e.g., science, metaphysics), what should be (e.g., moral philosophy, values), understanding what the mind is (e.g., mind sciences, philosophy of mind), and approaches (e.g., mindfulness) to living as masterfully as we could be. Why? Because these are the things that interest yours truly – who hopefully won’t always be the only person posting here.
Who is Yours truly?
Yours truly is me. Me is I. And I am an intellectually pre-occupied, highly analytical young-ish adult (I’m 32. STILL YOUNG) living and working as an Occupational Therapist in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. I have lived in Kelowna since November, 2011. I am originally from Toronto, Ontario. My pre-Kelowna life included several years of avid undergraduate and graduate study in Psychology and Cognitive Science, teaching English in South Korea, and a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy in London, Ontario.
I got into OT in large part because I wanted to work in an area where I would get to learn and grow as I helped others to learn and grow. My work life is split primarily between my one job as the OT at a long-term extended care facility, and my other job as OT for a private rehabilitation organization. Major work interests of mine include mindfulness and cognitive behavioural approaches to promoting wisdom and wellness, stroke and orthopedic rehabilitation, and healthcare economics, policy and performance optimization.
I spend my free time engaging in such personally valued activities as exercising, reading endlessly about a countless variety of subjects that interest me (e.g., economics, history of philosophy, science and technology, mindfulness and wisdom, strategic management in major league baseball) following US politics and Major League Baseball (Sabermetrics and Nate Silver, anybody?), exploring the Okanagan Valley, buying store-cooked rotisserie chickens to get out of cooking, and eating plain slices of bread and cold cuts to avoid making sandwiches.
What’s my angle? In terms of my beliefs on What Is I am an agnostic atheist and an ardent scientific rationalist. In terms of my beliefs on What Should Be, I am both socially and economically left-leaning – though I have a good deal of respect for libertarianism. In the interest of intellectual honesty, I do my best to recognize and disclose how my perspectives may influence my framing of issues, minimize bias, and provide alternative intellectually coherent perspectives on issues (e.g., addressing economic issues from left/liberal/progressive and libertarian perspectives. Constructive feedback is always welcome!

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