What issue do you wish you cared more about?

There are a lot of important moral/political/pragmatic issues. Far too many for one person to even be aware of, let alone be informed on and/or personally active in addressing.

I believe that you cannot choose your interests or your passions. You can decide to try to get into something -e.g., by talking to people who are interested in the issue, watching a documentary, etc. But ultimately, whether you come to care or not will not be the result of a conscious choice to care.

Of all the issues that I recognize as being very important but have never been significantly impassioned about – a vast collection that includes such heavyweights as climate change, Syria, Darfur, etc. – the domain that I most wish that I could choose to be passionate about is the politics of where I live.

I am Canadian but, despite a few attempts, I’ve never managed to get engrossed or active in Canadian politics. Nor have I ever taken even a fleeting interest in the politics of my city or province.  Meanwhile, I’m tremendously interested in US politics…

Is there a cause or issue that you wish that you were actively passionate about?


Tell me in the comment section!


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