The Conservative Party of Canada is like Nickelback…

YouTuber Laverty318 left the following comment in response to The Young Turks‘ video (below) on the Conservative Party’s majority win in this week’s Canadian Federal Election:

The Conservative Party is like Nickelback. I don’t know anybody who likes them, but they seem to be doing pretty well

Quite clever if you ask me.

On a tangential note, a few years ago I was surprised to discover that Nickelback apparently receives derision in the US in much the same way it receives it in Canada. I formerly thought that Canadians ripped on Nickelback primarily because Nickelback was so overplayed on the radio and MuchMusic, which I attributed in good part to CRTC (the Canadian Radio and Television Council) regulations requiring our major media outlets to carry a certain amount of Canadian content. Apparently there is more to disliking Nickelback than than just that, though I personally have never really had a problem with them and have liked a few of their songs.

As promised, here is The Young Turks on the recent Canadian election results. You may notice that host Cenk Uygur gets some of the numbers slightly off. Aside from that, his commentary is interesting. He discusses how the Conservatives continue to win elections not because a Canadian majority supports them, but because conservatives largely all vote for the Conservative Party, whereas Canadians to the left of the Conservative Party (who collectively form a majority) split their vote across four other parties: the New Democratic Party (NDP), the Liberals, the Bloc Quebecois, and the Green Party. He also explains why, despite its obvious imperfections, he ultimately prefers America’s 2-party system to 3+ party parliamentary systems.

Do you agree/disagree with Cenk’s opinions?


2 thoughts on “The Conservative Party of Canada is like Nickelback…

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