Moral/Political Echo Chambers, Objective Morality, and how EVERYONE is Religious

When one considers what they, someone else or society should do, they are pondering morality. What is the right thing to do? The good thing? Most of us want to be good people, and at least as many of us want others to be good and governments to be good. This is all great, but as a consequence of our respective biological makeup, upbringing, socioeconomic status, and so on, we have different opinions of what constitutes good. And what is more, we can be very intolerant of differences of opinion – and for good reason.

If your favourite sport is baseball and mine is soccer, you probably won’t really care much at all about the difference of opinion, and neither will I.  But if I begin advocating for the moral neutrality or goodness of rape, you probably won’t be nearly as live-and-let-live as you were when I told you that I preferred soccer to baseball; and neither would I be. Our aesthetic preferences with regard to foods, colours, sports and so on are personal and amoral. But when someone offends our moral senses, it’s big. Whether or not we subscribe to a particular God or religious cannon, we often get the sense that something objectively wrong has been done. Even secular codes on conduct are based on what are viewed as transcendent values.

But we all have to live together. People who support the legality of abortion have to co-mingle with those who find it to be an abomination. People who are against taxing those with more money to help those with less have to live amongst – and have their money taken in the interest of – those who support various types of government-run programs and services. If we’re going to live together, we need to be able to understand each other as well as we can.

In this, the first substantive post on this new blog, a series of posts as well as some of the goals of this blog are introduced. Every two days (my schedule allowing) for the coming days a new post in the series will be published. The posts will be as follows:

Wednesday, October 20: Moral/Political Echo Chambers. A brief look at left and right wing politics in the US.

Friday, October 22: Moral/Political Echo Chambers and Objective Morality.

Sunday: October 24: God, Reason, &/or Morality are on MY side. A look at how people of pretty well all beliefs believe or at least behave as if they had some transcendent moral reality on their side.

I also mentioned that some of the major goals behind this blog are being introduced in this and the coming series of posts. These goals include seeking people of alternative moral/political frameworks to consider issues with, and me doing my part to promote honesty and understanding by pointing out not just misunderstanding and slant on the right, but doing the same to those on the left – even those who I tend to strongly agree with and respect.

Welcome to Death By Trolley. See you on Wednesday 🙂


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